The Happy To-do-list in Everyday Life

I do not get to do them every day. Nevertheless, these are daily life activities that make me smile, just to name a few:
  • Talking to a stranger
  • Jogging between office and home without any "stuff" (except my ipod)  
  • TED
  • Bed time reading
  • Squash
  • Debating with my philosopher at home
  • Learning Flemish and Italian these days and improving my Chinese(Native) and English
  • Chess, 3D Blokus
  • Listening to classical music and guessing about it
  • Dance (Tango, Salsa and Modern dance for music I like)
  • Giving others a nice surprise
  • Experimenting with cooking (I almost never cook the same dish except cooking eggs)
  • Imagining nice things that can be invented by others (some of them are available on my Ideas Blog)